Monday, 25 July 2011

X-plane 9 Support

Last post was March, blimey...

This weekend I have managed to successfully integrate my Primary 6 flight simulator with X-plane 9.70. Everything now works using a few 3rd party plug-ins from the X-plane community and a beta plug-in from Simkits themselves. I use the following software to control all the switches and gauges within version 9.70.

Software - SVmapper - A free, simple to use, key mapping program that reads the switch presses and turns them into key stroke signals. You can tie a toggle switch to a key press or release (or both).

Get it here:

X-plane Plug-in - TRCPlane-14-02-2011 - Simkits's free USB X-plane interface. This is currently in beta but works very well already. It controls the USB turn coordinator.

Get it here:

X-plane Plug-in - Simkits_XPL_3.1 - SuperDuif's free X-plane CCU interface - A fantastic plug-in that utilises the Simkits SDK to control all the (old) CCU2 instruments. Couldn't have done anything without this. Thanks SuperDuif.

Get it here:

X-plane Plug-in - XPSaitek.xpl - A free plug-in by floegl @ I believe this is a better plug-in than the one that Saitek has released. This allows the toggle switch to turn on the Saitek unit something I can't even do with their windows software.

Get it here:

Hope these links may be of help to someone.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Smaller images for website distribution

Almost There!!!

After a year of development, my primary 6 project is almost complete. I say almost beacuse I'd like to add a new Primary 6 logo to the side of the case and have some decals done for switches acting as dummy circuit breakers. These photographs were taken with my own camera. However once it is complete I'm going to get some professional shots taken by our photography department.

This is the second time I have fixed the case and tightened all 36 screws holding the top panel on. The first time was a bit of a disaster. After putting it together I fired it up and after months of working perfectly fine with the top off, the altimeter failed to fire up. I had to take the case apart and the altimeter to see what went wrong. I have a feeling it may go again and run into some calibration problems but...well...we'll see.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Simkits Turn Coordinator

I've just ordered the last gauge that I need to complete the basic 6 panel. The turn coordinator will hopefully come soon (they said it's in stock and ready to ship) so that I can test it alongside the non USB instruments.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Soldering the switches and comms panel

This is asking for trouble! Soldering the switch panel on our dining room table. Thank God my wife is so...forgiving!

Electrical components

I recently installed the electrical components into the chassis. The Simkits CCU2 board, Simkits 32bit controller, PSU and USB hub are now all in place. I've been testing the Simkits gauges alongside the TRC software and FS004 on a spare computer. They need a bit more tweaking to get them correctly calibrated with the TRC software but I'm happy with them so far. I spoke to Peter at Simkits support to ask about compatibility between old CCU2 gauges and the new USB type. Fortunately he says they will work side by side with no problems. That's a relief since I am still missing a turn coordinator which I need to purchase fairly soon if I want to get this completed.